$47.00 USD

Learning to Listen to your Body

provides you with a fundamental self-care practice you can practice throughout the day to improve how your basic needs are met, which supports your body's natural healing and regulation for experiencing more comfort, faster recovery, and improved healing/growth outcomes.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How you already listen to your body
  • How to practice self-observation to build self-awareness and clarity about your basic needs
  • How to better meet your basic needs by responding to your observations in new ways
  • How responding differently and meeting your needs better supports your body & brain to restore a sense of safety and connection to self
  • How to develop a sustainable self-healing supportive self-care practice
  • How healing & growth-oriented needs can be supported through this practice (LtyB 201)

This is the self-care practice you've been seeking! Not another mainstream, indulgent self-care practice that utilizes more time, energy, and effort than you have to give.

Learning how to Listen to your Body is the beginning of self-healing and growth supporting self-care that is fundamental to healing, overcoming limitation, and getting unstuck. 

It's community supported self-care you incorporate into your day, not set aside time for...which makes it sustainable.

[ this course is the pre-requisite to Listen to your Body 201: Advanced growth & healing ]