Online Group Energy Healing Sessions

You are invited to support your natural healing and protecting mechanisms that influence how you feel, think, and function ... 

We will come together online for trauma-informed, healing-centered energy medicine that listens to the body to facilitate deep healing on all levels.

Each session focuses on a specific need or outcome, unless specified as 'general healing'. 

Why GROUP healing?

Science proves that observation impacts outcomes...and healing within a group means observing and being observed in our healing process.
This means Group Healing is where the magic happens!
It is more sustainable than carrying the burden of healing in isolation and the results are powerful! 




November 26, 2023

An online Group Session focused on processing past and present emotions, plus any stress or overwhelm, the holiday weekend may have activated to help you feel more calm, centered, lighter, and like you have more capacity to get through the day/week/rest of the holiday season

*This is my SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY DEAL - It's free to join the session!

*recorded for repeat use

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More Group Sessions...

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Group sessions are currently a monthly occurance and soon will be offered as a membership option that includes replays of past sessions, which can be listened to on repeat for ongoing support of body, mind, emotions, and energy.

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Future  Sessions to Look Forward to


  • Cellular Hydration & Healing Activation
  • Brain-Body Communication to optimize digestion and other body system function
  • Balance hormones and biochemistry
  • Reset the internal clock to support circulation/sleep cycle
  • Emotional release to unburden the body of old trauma, unprocessed emotions, and survival stress 
  • Healing Past Trauma
  • Reclaiming the parts of yourself that feel like they are missing
  • Many more...requests are welcome via email: [email protected]