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When Mother's Day Triggers Pain...

body holds your stories body is key mother wound mother's day trauma wholeness approach May 08, 2021

I want to begin by saying that this post may have some triggers...there is talk about grief, loss, dysfunctional and abusive family dynamics (though not in much detail), and the ilk.

It is important to me that you know going into the post so you can consciously choose whether or not you continue to read because you either relate and NEED to feel seen and understood, OR because you wish to open yourself up to a deeper understanding of what is a really common experience of triggered wounding, trauma, or grief/pain related to Mother's Day.

I am not going to include my entire post about Mother's day, instead I will give you the option to read the full article on Medium, which is linked to the image below...

I hope that you will read it. It is an important topic...

And, to be clear, this is NOT intended as any form of shaming or begrudging of those celebrating Mother's Day with feelings of gratitude and joy...

It is only meant to demonstrate and normalize a more complete spectrum of emotions associated with Mother's Day (and other holidays, too) because of the vastness of the human experience.

There is still a lot of stigma and taboo associated with this topic, especially where mothers and/or mothering is concerned and what motherhood *has to* look like...

I hope to contribute to further bridging the gaps in our humanity, compassion and connection through understanding.

If you wish to read the full article on Medium, click the following image:

(P.S. If you encounter any issues with linking to the Medium article, please reply to this email and let me know...it worked fine when I tested it, but occasionally a link breaks! Thank you so much...you have my gratitude, now and always.) 

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