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Cancellation, Refund, & Informed Consent

Effective date: January 1, 2020



Michelle asks that you provide 24 hour notice for cancellations. Fully understanding there are extenuating circumstances, please reciprocate the same level of consideration of Michelle's time as she will with yours.

Failure to provide notice or no-show for your scheduled time will result in a $25 charge which will be deducted from your refund OR must be paid in order to reschedule.

In the event of an unexpected circumstance within less than 24 hours, please email [email protected] with a brief explanation of your circumstances and needs.


Michelle offers refunds with certain limitations:

  1. If you aren’t satisfied with your individual/single service session, you are welcome to request a 50% refund on services already provided. Please submit your request along with the reason why you wish to be to [email protected], SUBJECT: Request Refund. Once a refund is issued, no future appointments will be accepted until the refunded session is repaid.
  2. If you must cancel prior to your individual/single service session without rescheduling, you are welcome to request a full refund. Please cancel your appointment via the confirmation email you received for your appointment, followed by an email requesting refund for cancellation to [email protected], SUBJECT: Request Refund. If you are rescheduling, you may do so through the confirmation email and your payment will automatically be applied to the new appointment date.
  3.  Online Courses are subject to a 10 day satisfaction guarantee, meaning you may request a refund within 10 days of the date the course was purchased. Requests for refunds dated/received past 10 days from purchase date will be denied.
  4. Programs are subject to partial refunds based on a pro-rated formula. Example: the program cost will be divided by the # of weeks in the program purchased and refund amount will be issued based on the unused weeks.


By scheduling and/or paying for your session, you are agreeing that you understand the purpose of this session is to create awareness of any emotional blocks in order to release internal stressors and improve communication between all aspects of the person receiving the session by activating the body’s own natural intelligence and healing mechanisms, as well as consenting to treatment. Any mention of physical body parts are in reference to the energy within the cells that makeup the part and in no way are to be considered a diagnosis of or indication of a medical condition, illness, or disease. This session is in no way a substitute for medical treatment or medications you have been prescribed. If you are taking prescribed medications, you are urged to continue to do so as indicated by your doctor. If you wish to reduce or eliminate prescription medication use with alternative healing treatments, you are advised to consult your prescribing physician before attempting to do so. There are no guarantees to the outcome of the session. Each person is unique and no two issues may have the same root cause, even for the same person on a different day. Some issues are deeply rooted and may require a series of sessions in addition to coaching, daily self-care action, and lifestyle or behavioral changes. These sessions can have a spiritual element for some people but are in no way religious in nature, nor are they conflicting with anyone’s personal religious beliefs. This session is based on a system of energetic wellness that recognizes the non-physical root causes of symptoms or issues in the body or what manifests as blocks/issues in life, and treats the client as a whole person. The actions and tools assigned in sessions are intended to assist clients in maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You further agree that no harm may come to you from these sessions and to release and hold harmless Michelle Clinard/Michelle Clinard-Wagner, CBT, RMT from any claims related to the outcome of my session.

By registering for courses/content your purchase is an agreement to the terms of privacy and copyright for all content contained within each course/program and you are agreeing to the terms of non-disclosure, including not sharing or distributing or using any materials of any medium for any reason. All content is legally the property of All content in this course is my legal property and domain, and cannot be recreated, used, distributed, shared, or sold elsewhere.

Thank you in advance for your appreciation of the effort and experience I put into all of my classes, content, programs, and resources.