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Who can benefit from Michelle's Wholeness Methodology?

  • Change-makers, self-healers, cycle-breakers, and wholeness-seekers.¬†
  • Healers, empaths, intuitive & sensitive persons.
  • Anyone frustrated by their outcomes not matching their effort.
  • Anyone ready to improve their level of functionality and comfort in every way possible.
  • Anyone ready to unburden¬†themselves of past pain, trauma, and conditioning.
  • Anyone aware that their outdated coping skills are no longer working for them, or they are working against them.¬†
  • Anyone ready to move beyond the repetitive cycle of feeling stuck, sick, small, or broken.¬†
  • Anyone ready to break free of familial, personal, cultural, ancestral, and/or systemic conditioning.
  • Anyone¬†ready to receive¬†support that empowers and supports your brain & body's natural self-healing mechanisms.¬†
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Michelle Clinard is a Self-Healing Educator & Coach, as well as a trauma-informed Energy Practitioner specializing in a healing-centered Wholeness Methodology to support and facilitate the body's natural healing and growth mechanisms from the inside, outward.

After facilitating healing with clients 1:1 for 12+years, Michelle is focusing on educating people how to support their body's natural healing systems so they can get the most from the efforts made by them and their support team (themselves, doctors, therapists, massage therapists, or any other healing practitioners) toward healing or self-improvement outcomes.

We all know that a certain level of self-care is helpful to creating and maintaining a level of comfort and well-being, but it is not easy to navigate the plethora of mainstream self-care information or to know what type of self-care will actually help you.

Michelle's goal and purpose is to take the guesswork out of self-care and healing by teaching people what works and doesn't work in terms of self-care, as well as by guiding people toward what they really need to make progress toward their healing/growth goals.

Michelle's Wholeness Methodology begins with learning how to listen to the body and respond with simple self-regulation practices that can be done as you go through your day. This practice helps build self-awareness, connection, and the ability to restore comfort. This practice can be expanded on to address triggers, trauma, unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs, survival stress or conditioning from the past that is still actively impacting her client's level of comfort, joy, success, health, and ability to recover from life's ups/downs.

Additionally, Michelle teaches clients new ways to process and regulate past and present emotions to develop emotional regulation and recovery skills that support their present needs, conditions, goals, and desired outcomes.

The most fundamental self-care of repatterning the nervous system, updating self-soothing and emotional processing skills, developing new coping skills, shifting behaviors that loop you into the old patterns, mobilizing suppressed emotions, and neutralizing past conditioning still operating in your physiology and psychology leads clients out of suffering and feeling stuck so you can begin thrive in your health, relationships, and life are so often overlooked. Michelle has made it her mission to make this information and skills available and accessible to as many people as possible.

All Services & Courses are offered through the lens of a Trauma-informed, Healing-centered (W)Holistic System Approach to Healing, Growth, and Self-care and are science-based [Dynamic Systems Model, Anatomy & Physiology, Quantum Physics, and more]. Michelle's Wholeness Methodology approach to healing is about more than just the individual. Wholeness involves environmental factors, as well as the community and support systems that play a significant role in the process of becoming who you were before you became the person you had to be in order to cope & survive.

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Michelle specializes in helping people who:

  • want to feel at home in their body
  • want to show up in the world with more comfort and/or authenticity
  • want to break the cycle of dysfunction, pain, stuckness, or limitation
  • want their outcomes to match their efforts¬†
  • want to feel more connected to self and/or others
  • want to make progress on their healing without feeling like they alway end up at square one
  • want to be able to restore emotional or physical comfort in the face of intense, repetitive symptoms
  • want to figure out what works and let go of what doesn't work
  • want more clarity about what they feel and need
  • are ready to take guided action and learn new ways to respond to themselves in order to experience new outcomes¬†

Wholeness is important to me because I want to deconstruct the oppressive, limiting systems that foster dysfunction and disconnection within our individual and collective bodies.

I once felt broken and unwhole myself, and I understand the struggle of striving to survive, desperate to feel better, safer, more connected, and functional in my body, relationships, health, and life...as well as how to shift from struggling to thriving from the inside out.

My Wholeness Methodology Examines the WHOLE you to maximize your healing & growth outcomes

That's what WHOLENESS is really about; Not just the individual, but their community & environment, as well as the past experienes that shape the way they feel, function, and interact in on every level in the present...

Sickness management addresses the part of you having symptoms...

Healing-centered practices focus on all of you to get to the deep, underlying root causes...it also focuses on what is right with you, working with your body's natural healing and protection systems. 


This community and all my offerings is my way of creating HOME...

A home for healing & growth. A safe space to remember how to feel at home in the body...

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