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Allowing Ourselves to Feel Anger Can Liberate us from What Harms or Holds us Back

anger emotions listen to the body survival systems Jan 18, 2024
Anger can be the ultimate liberator! When we allow anger to move through us, instead of holding it in, it can liberate us from things that are harmful or limiting to us so we can create more of what we want and less of what we don't want

Dr. Glenn Patrick Doyle says, "The moment you go from 'why didn't you love/protect/believe me?' to 'you know what, I deserved better, f*ck you'...that moment is f*cking magic. You'd better believe anger has an ESSENTIAL role in recovery."

Emotions ARE energy. That's why in a world where we're conditioned to be polite and hold in our emotions to avoid making anyone uncomfortable (aka, avoid making anyone feel any feelings or accountable for their actions/behavior/emotions) it is a truly essential part of healing for us to get comfortable with the idea of ALLOWING OUR ANGER.

When our anger moves through us instead of being held still and frozen inside us to avoid our fears of conflict or consequence, shame, blame, and countless other reasons that back the subconscious conditioning of anger being 'bad'...it helps us tap into our authentic power and REMOVE OURSELVES from the things that harm or no longer serve us, or that are no longer acceptable to or in alignment with who we authentically are and what we want and need.

It helps us get unstuck and restores flow/movement toward the things we want more of and away from the things we want less of.

Anger can be our natural, internal liberator. It is an innate part of our natural survival/protector systems and when we practice getting more and more comfortable with it, we can allow it without fear that it will consume or destroy us.

This connection to our human survival/protector system is noteworthy because when we have a healthy relationship with our own anger, it provides opportunities for us to create or restore [and even experience!] safety through our own awareness of our needs and discernment that come through healthy expressions of anger

And anger can become destructive if it isn't constructive...

Not everyone was modeled healthy expression of any feelings, much less (or especially, in my case and likely others too) ANGER.

The main thing I learned about anger in my formative childhood years was that it could be a weapon and it was often necessary that it be wielded as a weapon for SURVIVAL. It was applied liberally in this manner...loud and painfully.

The other thing I learned about anger in childhood was that it wasn't welcome. I was not allowed to feel anger because it made an adult in my home feel invalidated. My anger, justified as it was much of the time, was a threat to the false reality we were all expected to live by, one where inside our walls there was violence, rage, and abuse...yet from the outside we were all to uphold the perfect image of an ideal family.

What I took away from my childhood anger experiences PLUS the societal conditioning of repressing anger with "I'm fine" was an enormous amount of internalized anger that continued to affect my life, health, and relationships well into adulthood.

Since, I have learned to allow myself to feel anger...though it took time and practice with REtraining my mind and body to a) feel safe to express anger and b) be capable of expressing anger in ways that caused less harm and not completely derail me for days.

I teach the methodology that helped me change my relationship with anger and the associated behavior/thought patterns of having suppressed so much compounded, intense anger. I also offer 'Inner Teen Healing Sessions' to facilitate the mobilization and processing of old anger you've been carrying with you since you were a kid in a safe, gentle container - and what better way to access it than to check in with your teenage self! Going forward, the 'Inner Teen Healing Sessions' can be accessed within my Self-healing Support Membership [more info avail on website and by request].

It has enabled me to progress in my journey of healing emotionally and relationally but it also enabled my body to stop producing an absurd amount of kidney stones, which are really just little jagged, stabby balls of suppressed anger.

If you want to learn more about how to allow emotions without being overwhelmed or overpowered by them, or how to change chronic patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior...ASK ME - that's what I'm here for! You can comment or email me privately at [email protected]... but give me 48 hours or so to reply please :) 


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