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What does 'Your Body Holds Your Stories' mean?

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What does it mean for your Body to Hold Your Stories?

I use that phrase a lot...because I have been listening to people's bodies tell me their stories and the root causes of their issues, pain, and symptoms for twelve years. The body holds all of our experiences and patterns our subtle body so that every.single.thing we do, say, feel, etc is influenced by our past.

Your Body Holds Your Stories is another way of explaining that your physical body contains your subtle body, which is a combination of all your experiences, conditioning, emotions, and environmental input PLUS the patterns created by them.

Your subtle body includes (but is not limited to) your:

  • conscious thoughts
  • feelings & emotions
  • nervous system & neural pathways
  • energy(ies) 
  • ancestral information/epigenetics
  • subconscious beliefs & memories
  • senses
  • subtle senses
  • perception
  • heart EMF
  • higher self/soul 

What the body holds patterns every aspect of our lived experience which affects how you feel, function, perceive, process, behave, think, react, and relate to yourself or others.

The stories held in the body also affect mental and physical function & well-being because your nervous system patterns are a part of and determined by your subtle body.

This means that the invisible brick wall you keep hitting that makes you feel stuck, sick, or small in relation to your health, self-image, and relationships (or any other way you experience limitation/lack) IS REAL and VALID.

Your frustration is VALID.

The good news is that the STORIES YOUR BODY IS HOLDING can be identified and interrupted so you can REWRITE the STORY OF YOU, leaving you feeling more capable, empowered, in control (the healthy version), and in the flow of your human experience. 

It helps you heal and thrive the way you desire and deserve.

The story of you held within your body was written for you by your experiences and through the lens of other people's experiences. The good news is that once you know, you can repattern your body to your authentic story...one that supports natural healing, optimal functioning, and the ability to navigate your human experience more comfortable with a sense of connection and empowerment.

To learn more, grab your free copy of the PDF "3 Ways Your Body Holds Your Stories" or any other resources available on my website that resonate with you.

You can also schedule a free consultation call to talk about what you need and what type of information or support is available and most helpful to meet you where you are...then help you feel and live aligned with your efforts. 

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