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Internal Stress is Impacting you MORE THAN External Stress

listen to the body reduce stress Mar 03, 2024

Did you know that there's more than one kind of stress that affects people?

There's the easily identifiable EXTERNAL STRESS associated with our external environment (job, home, relationships, commute, finances, etc)...

And there's the not-so-easily identifiable INTERNAL STRESS associated with our internal environment (thoughts, feelings, perception, memories/experiences/conditioning, subconscious beliefs, and stories - which are the meanings we assign).

Understanding the difference and identifying your unique brand of internal stress can help you make conscious choices to respond differently to stress by reframing and changing your stories. This is what I'll be teaching in my upcoming 'Listen to Your Body' Courses, join the waitlist to be notified when they launch and to get access to a special launch price (hint/bonus: one is free!). CLICK HERE to add your name to the LtyB Waitlist.

'Listen to Your Body' is a simple body-based self-healing self-care you can do anytime that grows awareness, or noticing/identifying, which is where healing potential expands, and teaches New Ways to Respond to what we notice, which is where healing happens.

It's not a magic 'no more stress ever for the rest of your life' button, but it is a fantastic alternative to playing out the same stress patterns over and over again that impact our health and life over time. That's not realistic when we live in a loud, busy world with deadlines and bills!

New ways of thinking about and addressing stress are possible through SELF-AWARENESS...think of this as upgrading the way you cope with stress and the benefit of doing so is that you feel better and support your body's healing for lower inflammation, improved circulation, and overall wellbeing...plus, reducing stress helps optimize your immune system.

Are you willing to learn new ways to cope with stress? 

Identifying what ‘being triggered’ looks like for you in all the ways we get triggered…stress, overwhelm, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, mistrust, getting stuck or frozen, thought patterns (ruminations), stories, assumptions, projections, reactions, and more can all be how we experience ‘being triggered’. 

Triggers aren’t always what we think they are, just like stress isn’t always what we think it is…triggers are connected by our neural pathways and subtle body patterns that get activated when we face something in our environment that activates emotional energy and/or a protection/survival response. Our body remembers ‘something’ from our past that was unsafe or threatened our wellbeing or survival and has detected something ‘subtle’ in the present that is associated with that past threat. 

When something gets ‘triggered’, or when we feel triggered, and we are not in any immediate danger or threat in the present, this is a signal from your body that there is something ready to be healed within you. When you get ‘triggered’ and there is a clear and present danger or threat to your safety or wellbeing, that is a signal it is time to get to safety. Survival mode is actively supporting your ability to cope and survive something dangerous or threatening. 

This is why sometimes we get ‘triggered’ in moments or situations or with people and our reaction or ‘triggering’ doesn’t make sense to us. That is the signal that it’s something old that is ready to heal so you no longer have to carry that pattern or ‘trigger’ with you, having it impact how you feel and function in your health, emotions, behaviors, relationships, or life. 

Healing ‘triggers’ is a form of healing trauma…not all trauma patterns are from severe, overt trauma like abuse or active duty. Some trauma patterns are simply from conditioning that occurs naturally from repetitive experiences like feeling disappointed, feeling unheard, feeling not good enough, fearing a consequence (like being yelled at or reprimanded), or hearing ‘well-meaning’ messages from parents, teachers, peers, or media. Exposure to ongoing stress, like a sickness or illness, injury or loss can pattern us to have ‘triggers’...even if the thing happening didn’t happen TO YOU, you were only witnessing it happen to someone you know or love. 

If you heal your triggers, the result is that you improve your quality of health and life on all levels.

If you identify with your triggers as ‘just how you are’, the result will be that things stay like they are or that more and more discomfort develops in some way…your health, relationships, or life to some degree or another. 

This is absolutely not meant to blame or shame anyone. We each must choose to heal in our own time…my hope is simply to inspire or educate you into action before you find yourself too deep in discomfort or dysfunction. This comes from my own experiences with significant loss of mental, emotional, physical, and relationship health due to my own past trauma and triggers and intense emotional pattern (aka unprocessed emotions, and lots of them) and not having the knowledge or tools until my health spiraled. I hope to teach or inspire you into supported action when you are ready because I also hope to reduce or eliminate how much you struggle or suffer by learning from me and being supported by me. 

The support I offer is teaching you how to better support your natural healing systems while I support them and you. If you want to learn how to retrain your body to be triggered less while healing triggers and restoring comfort to your body and life, join the waitlist to ensure you get a free ‘Listen to Your Body: Basic Needs’ course AND information about the ‘Listen to Your Body: Healing and Growth Needs’ course that are coming soon. 

Adding your name just ensures you get information about the courses and access when they are ready…Those on the list will get a special offer price, too. There’s no commitment to Join the Waitlist. 

If you want to learn more or join the Waitlist for Listen to Your Body, CLICK HERE.

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