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Giving Yourself Permission to Heal

affirmations body holds your stories body intuitive body is key healfromwithin listen to your body permission to heal wholecare wholeness approach Aug 27, 2021

Have you ever given yourself permission to heal? Or permission to let go of something you have outgrown? Or something that is making you sick?

 Giving yourself permission to let go of what is making you sick or stuck (the deep root cause, not what you *think* it is) can help boost your healing process.

 Healing can be experienced more deeply and longer lasting when we become aware of our subtle body (energetic, subconscious, and nervous system) patterns that hold us to the root cause of what is making us sick...

 This is true regardless of whether the symptoms or issues are experienced inwardly as physical symptoms/sensations or mental/emotional pain or limitation, or outwardly as barriers or stuck patterns in our life and/or relationships.

 It may sound silly to give yourself permission but it can be a powerful exercise to support and even expand your healing (or growth and awareness) process.

 "I give myself permission to heal." are the powerful words that kicked my healing process into high gear.

Permission statements can be powerful as an affirmation because, unlike fluffy affirmation statements that don't feel like truth in your body regardless of how badly you desire to embody the words as truth, it is easier to believe and resonate with giving yourself permission.

 These words can be even more powerful when implemented with a trauma-informed practitioner, like myself, who can help you identify the specific places within your bodymind that are holding the underlying things that are making you sick.

 Using techniques that address the energy, emotional, mental, and physical body along with EMDR and GIVING YOURSELF the 'just right' type of PERMISSION can lead deeper healing.

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