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Retraining your Mind AND Body to the Present is How to Create Peace, Connection, and Wellbeing

body is key calm and soothe fundamental self-care healing support listen to the body nervous system nervous system regulation reduce stress selfcare selfhealers selfhealing somatics wholeness methodology Jan 14, 2024
Wayne Dyer said,
Wayne Dyer said, "Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than how you think it should be." [taken from image text]
And I believe there is truth in these words but there is a deeper level of this embedded in your nervous system, subconscious mind, and survival systems we need to talk about...
The 'how you think it should be' part is the result of 'how it was in the past' and what you experienced, coped with, survived, and were conditioned to subconsciously believe, perceive, and respond/react to even the most subtle aspects of your environment.
The past replays in your subtle body (aka nervous system, subconscious, emotions held in your body, and your survival/protector system trying to keep you safe from what it learned was a threat in the past) until you retrain your body that it is safe in the present and not still facing the same threats as the past.
Peace comes as a result of this because you begin to be triggered, anxious, misaligned, stuck, uncomfortable, disconnected, resistant, and overwhelmed less and less...you begin to more consciously choose how you show up in the world and how you respond to your own discomfort, as well as life's ups/downs.
And the key to this is learning to listen to your body better than you already do and to respond in new ways...ways that soothe, calm, support, and regulate in response to dysregulation, stress, and discomfort.
Are you ready to learn how to retrain your body, as well as your mind, to experience peace, connection, and safety? Join my Facebook Group or email [email protected] for more information and opportunities to learn how to do this very thing!

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