My Lineage:

My professional lineage:

  • BodyTalk International instructors Suryo Gardner, Tracey Clark, Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio, Janet Galipe, and Mary Shields
  • Reiki master/teacher Jenn Taylor of Desert Reiki
  • Kelly Diels and her ethical, feminist approach to marketing that has re-acquainted me with my authentic voice that made me feel safe to be heard for the first time since childhood
  • A number of fantastic educators associated with my primary and secondary education who have provided me with mentorship, vision, passion, and encouragement. 
  • Rev. Brig Feltus of the Remember Institute for her ongoing teachings and mentorship via her Heal Thyself course and community. Heal Thyself is a transformative initiation for people racialized as white to deep dive into intersectionality and diversity.
  • Rev. Erin-Ashley Kerti of the Professional Psychic Mechanics program


My personal lineage:

  • My dad, who is my rock and my mirror
  • My grandma Bunny, who encouraged me to let my inner woo and weirdness shine like the sun
  • Myself...because every ounce of who I am was created by me. I did not become who I am today because of the pain or abuse I’ve does NOT go to those who hurt goes to ME for being RESILIENT and RESOURCEFUL and being PERSISTENT in my desire to thrive
  • My partner, Vincent, who has encouraged and supported me through everything: devastation, deconstruction, and reconstruction
  • My child for being the most incredible connection I've every known and for ways she doesn't even realize, like the way enables me to nourish and nurture my inner child by seeing my child-self the way I see her - unconditionally loveable, valuable, and amazing beyond anything I ever imagined possible
  • Kathy Bhat who is the first teacher to ‘see me’ and tried so damn hard to get me to see myself through her eyes
  • My first biology teacher, Kim Crouse, who initiated my passion for biology, anatomy, and physiology


Some fun facts about me:

  • I love cats. Because: CATS.
  • I have always recognized and honored my deep connection with nature: animals, trees, the Earth, ocean, moon, sun, and stars.
  • I am BOTH logical and creative...I believe that the human experience is fluid and multi-faceted, rather than limited to a false dichotomy.
  • I am passionate about growth (personal & collective) and I believe the two are inter-connected.
  • I lived in Hong Kong for two years and this experience reiterated my love of diversity, humanity, and travel.
  • I’ve always been weird and embraced it, even when it was uncomfortable to do is just a deeply ingrained part of who I am.
  • I am breaking the cycle of dysfunction and abuse in my family. I have known I would do this since I was seven years old...though I didn’t understand what it meant or how to go about it at the time.
  • I nearly died giving birth and experienced a serious health crisis for more than two years following. During this time, I was referred to 17 doctors and specialists who could not help I helped myself, and in doing so created a wholeness approach to healing.
  • My kiddo’s immune system didn’t function well for nearly three years after the birth, at least in part because of the necessary life-saving medical intervention I required during delivery. I advocated hard with both traditional and non-traditional forms of medicine and at age three, she had her first fever and overcame respiratory symptoms on her own without medical intervention.
  • I once aspired to be a professional opera singer...I also sang lead vocals in a band in my early twenties.

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