My Story

Hi, I’m Michelle Clinard. I’m an intuitive, trauma-informed energy practitioner and coach. 

You are welcome to call me Michelle, or one of my nicknames Mick or Myrina (pronounced like marina)...whichever you prefer.

This is my story...the story that placed me on my current path as a healer & coach.

Through sharing my story with you, I hope to convey that my journey of healing turned out to be more of a journey of better understanding my humanness. My story is not one that magically ends with the elimination of all my symptoms, issues, and discomfort...instead, it is about learning how to navigate, influence, and support my whole human self - even when I didn't feel whole.

I haven’t always been a healer & coach, in fact my prior work experience involved auto-cad design, graphic design, and digital photography. All of which have in common the fact that they are a mix of highly creative & intuitive and highly logical & analytical. Which makes sense to me because I’ve always identified as both creative AND logical, emotional AND rational. I realize now that I’ve been preparing for this part of my journey even when I was oblivious to it!

I have been reading energy since childhood. Reading energy is akin to being highly attuned to emotions all around you, which makes sense when you consider that emotions are energy in motion (e-motion). 

As a child I felt attuned to the energy of animals, plants, water, myself, my loved ones...

It felt like a gift, until it didn’t...and what changed it for me was ongoing fear and trauma related to my home environment. When the body is overwhelmed, it becomes more and more difficult to discern what is/is not yours...and that is when sensitivity started feeling like a burden to me.

I struggled a lot as an adolescent, teen, and young adult. I struggled to identify my feelings and felt stuck in repetitive patterns of behavior, thought, relationship, and health issues. 

Eventually, it all came to a tipping point, at which time I was not able to find answers, solutions, or the support I needed to help my body, mind, and spirit. It was at my rock-bottom moment that I began hearing my inner voice loudly and clearly...and I ignored the shit out of it. 

Yeah, you read that right. I ignored the shit out of my loud and clear inner voice that was trying to steer my vessel in the direction of safety and support. Why? Because it scared the crap out of me in that moment when I was so emotionally, mentally, and physically overwhelmed.

I simply couldn’t process even one more thing...and this inner voice was A LOT to process.

But, my inner voice persisted over and above my fears that my quality of life may never recover, that I may not live to see my child grow up, or that on top of the plethora of issues I was facing I may also have to face a mental break. 

Eventually, after hitting brick wall after brick wall of dead ends with doctors, my stubborn ass snarkily responded to my inner voice with “Fine. I will look within. I don’t know what that even means, but I’ll do it. Happy now?!”...

And I immediately knew what that meant for me (which was so damn annoying!).

It was like being plugged back into myself and the world and the wisdom we all carry within our body. I think I rolled my eyes at my higher self at that moment...

But I also did the thing, which was trusting my inner voice and acting on it. I began seeing alternative treatments which led me to discovering a healing modality that appealed to my left and right brained self. 

Initially, I practiced BodyTalk to improve the health of myself and my child. It helped activate my then toddler’s immune system and it helped mitigate my pain and other physical symptoms.

The biggest surprise for me was when I realized I was no longer anxious all the time. Anxiety pops in for a visit from time-to-time, but it isn’t running my show anymore. 

Over the years, I continued learning more about trauma, energy, emotion, and physiology which led to new discoveries about how to transform the energy pathways and release old emotional energy from the body. 

During this time I also started working with clients, facilitating and activating their body’s natural healing processes and developed simple, practical self-care that supports natural healing from the inside out...(I really mean fast and effective because I literally don’t have 30 minutes per day to devote to self-care as a mom, a student, and operating a business).

I want to reiterate that my experience with (and the reality of) healing and growth isn't the absence of is the ability to support your body's natural systems that help you process and overcome discomfort so it doesn't turn into suffering when it is within your control (meaning something within you)...

Part of our human experience is dealing with things outside of our control...we can't stop those things from happening, but we can help ourselves navigate and restore comfort/balance internally. 

This is my past future story may include you. If you’re wondering what you could possibly have to do with my story, it has to do with wholeness…

I’ve created a wholeness approach to healing, growth, and self-care that I’m expanding into online courses and community so that my business encompasses the wholeness approach, too. I am working to create inclusive systems for supporting wellbeing on all levels that are not rooted in toxic, oppressive systems that disconnect those with less financial resources and/or privilege from the necessary resources for a thriving life. 

A Wholeness approach is more than just the whole individual, it involves wholeness on a level of environment, relationships, community, and social systems... and it involves GUIDANCE!

My personal experience helped prepare me to help others...

I went from feeling small, lacking, undeserving, and unwell to feeling connected, safe, and more comfortable in my body and in the world so that I could help others do the same.

I went from feeling fearful, anxious, and not enough to feeling like I am able to influence and navigate my human body and experiences more comfortably so that I could help others do the same.

I went from feeling broken, disconnected, and unwhole to understanding that wholeness is our natural human condition...wholeness exists even when we can’t perceive it and it exists beyond the individual to our families and communities where it can be nurtured and shared.

I now specialize in helping people who want to feel at home in their body and in the world without constantly feeling a sense of limitation or suffering. 

I facilitate awareness of and reconnection with your true power to healing and influence how you feel and show up in the world. I do that by listening to the story your body is holding within the energy and neural pathways, and I teach you how to utilize your own body as the key to healing and thriving.

That way you don’t continue to struggle to overcome barriers and obstacles that are hard-wired into your physiology and biochemistry, and instead you begin to flow and thrive. 

I realize that my path veered in this direction so that I could create a sense of home
via this community and all my offerings…
A home for myself, a home for others. A home for healing & growth.
A safe space to remember how to feel at home in the body...

I welcome you to THRIVE...

Your body is holding your stories...I can help you listen and learn how your body is the key to creating a thriving life (not in the ways you'd expect either!).

Let’s work together, so you don’t have to keep up the struggle and limitations you’ve been working so hard for so long to overcome. I’m ready when you are...

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