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My Values

I believe the body is waaaay more powerful at healing, balancing, and influencing our human experience than we have been led to believe.


I believe the body is the key to reconnecting with that authentic power.


I believe that healing is a process natural to the human experience, rather than a state of being.


I believe that ‘healer’, meaning ANYone bearing the title/label of healer in any form, is someone who facilitates healing...not someone who heals.


I believe every.single.human can support their body’s natural healing mechanisms and that doing so optimizes the body’s natural functions we often take for granted, don’t give much thought about, or feel powerless to do anything about.


I believe in wholeness...because I’ve felt so very broken and found a way to reconnect to wholeness.


I believe a person absolutely CAN heal without necessarily having to forgive.


I believe trauma is part of the human experience, whether we are aware of it or not. Trauma is present in our bodies, minds, families, genetic code, cultures, and systems. Having trauma does not make anyone a fact, acknowledging trauma is a POWERFUL, COURAGEOUS act.


I believe anything can be healed...but the reality of healed doesn’t always look like we expect based on the very toxic capitalistic, oppressive culture that has led to believing we are powerless to help ourselves heal. 


I believe healing is often about learning how to accept and navigate your human body and/or humanness in ways unique to your needs...the outcome of which is resolving issues altogether, reducing issues, and/or overcoming issues more quickly.


I believe self-care has been associated with toxic consumer culture that has created and/or sustained a disconnect from ourselves and our communities.


I believe in a wholeness approach to healing, self-care, and personal or spiritual growth.


I believe in a wholeness approach refers to addressing the big picture, instead of each issue compartmentalized. Often wholeness refers to a state of being or perception associated with trauma, which causes a disconnect from the self as a means to protect or survive. Wholeness can also refer to support received within community.


I believe wholeness-based self-care is sustainable because it takes into consideration that in order for self-care, aka meeting your needs, to be attainable and sustainable it must not contribute to the further depletion of your resources (time, energy, support, money, etc).


I believe that healing is a process of learning how to support and respond to the needs of our whole human being, rather than a destination to be arrived at where there is an absence of symptoms, issues, or discomfort.


I believe each and every person, no exceptions, has more potential to influence their level of comfort, function, and how they show up waaaay beyond what we've been led to believe.


I believe when we are 'called' to things (or to do things) by our higher selves, guides, angels, the universe, or our preferred higher is an invitation only. this means you are invited to pick up but never required to answer a calling, regardless of how powerfully you feel called. I believe in free-will for everyone, always.


I believe everyone deserves access to all types of health care including, but not limited to, medical AND holistic or spiritual wellness care and support. Shifting into true health care, as opposed to the current sick care paradigm, involves more access to health supporting self-care and resources to improve quality of life, coping skills, and emotional processing for faster recovery. My passion and purpose is to create more access and availability for everyone, especially marginalized persons. Wellness must not be for those with greater levels of must be inclusive and equitable. 


This list of values is ongoing and ever is a conversation of sorts, one that evolves with me as I navigate my human body and humanness.
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