The Self-Healing Support Membership provides affordable access to 2 Somatic Energy Healing Sessions every month
PLUS Self-Care Training/Guides, a Growing Library of Healing Support, and Access to a Coach and Community.

Have you ever wished you could regularly access intuitive energy/emotional healing sessions when you need it but couldn't afford or justify the expense?

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Hi, I'm Michelle Clinard.
I'm  a Self-Healing Educator & Coach,
and a Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered Energy Practitioner.


I created the Self-Healing Support Membership so self-healers could access the kind of consistent, ongoing healing and self-care
support necessary to get the results they desire and deserve
without having to struggle through figuring it
all out on their own for years like I did! 

Self-Healing Is:  

  • Self-healing is acting to heal or repair yourself or your life in some way.¬†

  • Self-healing is the effort self-healers make to heal or improve their health, relationships, or life.

  • Self-healing is¬†the natural healing and regulating systems that function automatically in our human bodies, which often require support to help them do so at an optimal level.¬†

  • Self-healing action can include practicing self-care, reading self-help books, seeking or learning new information to heal or improve oneself, or actively¬†engaging in healing therapies or practices, taking prescribed medication, and/or working with healing practitioners.

Are you a Self-Healer? 

  • Self-healers are people driven to heal, transform, or improve some aspect of their health, life, or relationships.

  • Self-healers may also be cycle-breakers who seek a way to think, feel, react, relate, communicate, cope, or live that‚Äôs better than their current experiences.

  • Self-healers recognize that effort is necessary to create the healing or improvements and are motivated to take action, and recognize the need to be¬†supported.

  • Self-healers are often guided by instinct and motivated by a desire to restore comfort, feel & function better, improve themselves, break cycles, or feel safe in their body...or any other reason that drives them to heal.



 Healing, Self-Care, and Self-Improvement Support is my passion because I have personally struggled in the past to find the right resources and support, as well as to be able to afford them.


It is my purpose to create accessible healing support for everyone because it's so dear to my heart that everyone be able to support their health and wellbeing, not just manage illness and issues. 


It is the definition of struggling and survival when we cannot access the right support for our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health...


We can only thrive when we have access to supportive resources and communities that build us up!


Which is exactly why this SHS Membership gives you Live Healing/Wellbeing Support for your whole human self for only $33/month.


The Self-Healing Support Membership offers 2 Live Healing Support Sessions online from the comfort of your own space for only $33/month.


Here's what's included every month: 

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As an experienced Self-healer and a Healing Coach & Practitioner,
I’ve observed that there are common challenges that self-healers face, which include: 
  1. Making self-care and self-healing effort without getting results that indicate progress being made
  2. Struggling to figure out what to do, for how long, and if they are doing it right. There’s so much trial and error when they try to figure it out on their own, which is frustrating and time-consuming.
  3. Not enough personal resources [time, energy, knowledge, or money] to sustain efforts and get lasting results. 
  4. Having to swim upstream against their body’s own survival & protector systems…healing means change and change activates subconscious resistance that feels really uncomfortable. 
  5. Being too close to their own healing process, or too deep in pain and discomfort, to be able to see the progress made from their efforts. 
  6. Not knowing what they need and sometimes not specifically knowing what they want ‚Äėhealing‚Äô to look like.¬†¬†
  7. Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, disheartened, hopeless, and frustrated with the process. 


Self-Healing has two meanings.

The Self-Healing Support Membership offers self-healing support in both ways to have a
significant impact on y
our healing and improvement outcomes!


All content within the SHS Membership supports your body's natural healing and regulating systens AND your self-healing efforts.

The healing sessions will complement all self-care, therapy, and other healing-centered action you may be taking.   PLUS, they also function well as stand-alone healing support!

Taking on all the responsibility for self-healing and self-care is a huge burden.

So much that it can ADD to OVERWHELM and DYSREGULATION, unintentionally looping you in a stuck-cycle of making a ton of effort and getting very little in return.

You can do what I did, and spend years (or decades in my case) reading all the self-help, going to therapist after therapist, learn about different healing modalities, researching natural remedies, trying out all the self-care, and experimenting with what works... but I created the Self-Healing Support Membership so that you don't have to!

The support you receive within the Self-Healing Support Membership will help you CREATE the HEALING OUTCOMES and LIFE you desire and deserve...the very thing you've been working so hard for:


‚≠ź No more struggling and taking so much time only to feel like you continually have setbacks to square one

‚≠ź¬†No more struggling to know what you need, what's working, and what's not working

‚≠ź¬†Being able to recover faster from life's ups and downs

‚≠ź¬†Being able to recover faster from physical or emotional discomfort¬†

‚≠ź No more feeling stuck all the time because you can restore flow when things slow down or you face setbacks by taking action or asking for support

‚≠źUnderstanding how and why you feel stuck or have setbacks and what that actually means...hint: it's not something you're doing wrong

‚≠źLess¬†anxiety and developing the ability to not be controlled by chronic or intense emotions

‚≠ź¬†Sleeping better at night

‚≠ź Better able¬†to navigate and recover from chronic¬†pain, symptoms, or patterns¬†

‚≠ź¬†Having more self-awareness about what you need and what symptoms & issues really mean in your body, relationships, or life

‚≠ź Improved relationship with yourself and others

‚≠ź Feeling less overwhelmed and stressed

‚≠ź Noticing a reconnection to yourself, including your needs, feelings, patterns, and more

‚≠ź Less symtoms, issues, and stuckness overall

‚≠ź Restoring a sense of safety and connection between your body and mind


It's my purpose through this membership and all my offerings to take the struggle out of self-healing and help people learn simple skills that utilize what you already have right at your fingertips to help you get from where you are to where you want to be faster, easier, more sustainably, and without draining all your personal resources [time, energy, knowledge, money, etc]...ūüíú¬†

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  • Monthly Guided Healing¬†
  • Monthly Guided Coaching
  • Rotating Self-Healing Content
  • Access to Monthly Archives
  • Replays Available
  • Member Exclusive Discounts on Courses & Services outside the Membership
  • Supportive Community

Get the ongoing support you need to get results that match your self-healing efforts faster
and with less struggle or frustration of figuring it all out on your own