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Healing is the Capacity for Moving through Pain

healing trauma Apr 02, 2024

Healing is NOT the absence of all pain, struggle, or discomfort. But it is the absence of suffering, especially repetitive suffering or suffering over long periods of time.

Healing is experienced by developing more capacity to cope with and recover from pain. It is the development of the capacity to live through pain, navigate it’s resurgence in our body or life (aka triggers, symptoms, discomfort) in ways that reduce the ongoing suffering associated with it and helps us recover from it faster and easier. 

Lacking the capacity to heal, cope, or recover isn't about what you aren't doing right...it simply means you need support and your nervous system needs support because it is overwhelmed. That is no fault of your own, and not something you can control. Our bodies are naturally capable of healing, until our system gets overwhelmed or stuck in survival mode. Then, it can still heal but it needs our help to get out of survival mode to restore its innate ability to heal. Nervous system support and emotional support are the top two forms of self-care everyone can benefit from practicing.

It’s also important to understand the ultimate goal of healing, and realistically that is:

  • Feeling good more than we feel pain (good may = okay, or better than yesterday, there is no perfect so take it anyway you can and celebrate even the smallest improvements)
  • Struggling less frequently or getting past our struggles and stuck points faster
  • Suffering less than we used to
  • Feeling more capable of coping with life’s unexpected pain, ups/downs, and hardships
  • Trusting yourself more
  • Settling into our body more than we used to
  • Being able to respond instead of react

Getting clear on what healing outcomes you desire, what it looks and feels like to be healed and how it impacts your daily life, is also an important aspect of healing. Without this, we often miss the healing progress we're making and get stuck in a loop of trying and thinking our efforts are not working.

There are more ways than I've listed that healing can realistically be experienced…and it looks a bit different from everyone but when we know what ‘healing’ means for us, we can more readily identify it when it happens…even during the most devastating moments of our lives.

I write this as I both navigate through the painful loss of a dear friend and as I bear witness to my other dear friend as she navigates the loss of her husband. I am wading through it and can't help but notice the ways I have healed over time, as well as the ways I am healing in the present as I move through so much pain because of how I've learned to move through emotions, pain, trauma, dysregulation, and discomfort. There is beauty in this, uncomfortable as it may be at times and I am honored to teach you when you're ready.

This is the basis of my Wholeness Methodology for Healing and it works by identifying how the pain impacts us on all levels. When we avoid our pain, whether it be past trauma, uncomfortable or disruptive emotions, or chronic physical symptoms and sensation…it builds up until our bucket is so full that there’s very little capacity to function, much less thrive, in our health, relationships, and life.

Western medicine has its purpose too. This is NOT a "Doctors and prescriptions are bad, m’kay?" essay...

The purpose of Western medicine and pharmaceuticals is to triage certain life-threatening illnesses or conditions and treat them with life-saving medical interventions OR to mask our pain, like putting a bandaid on it, so we can cope or to temporarily give us relief so we can function/cope/heal. I certainly want this option if I have a condition that requires it to save my life or allows me to get through a really bad time.

(W)holistic medicine helps you process and release old emotions, trauma, survival stress, and subconscious conditioning that is taking up all your space (aka ‘capacity’) and keeping your emotional bucket so full that day-to-day stuff is overwhelming and every stressor causes your emotional bucket to overflow. 

It won’t take away your memories and it won’t erase your past experiences BUT it will make it possible for you to hold those memories and if/when your body remembers something threatening or painful from your past, you’ll have the capacity to acknowledge it and recover without getting swept away by the current of emotions, stress, and suffering that has spilled over in the past. It will help you grow your capacity to face the difficult, at times painful, ups and downs of being human.

It breaks the cycles and patterns and makes it easier and more comfortable to BE HUMAN, to be authentically YOU, to be more RESILIENT, to have more CAPACITY, and to be MORE PRESENT.


If you want to learn what techniques, resources, or practices will help you achieve your healing goals, plus what is aligned with your specific needs so you don't keep spinning your wheels - let's schedule a time to chat.

Learn what is available and what is accessible to you, as well. There's a big distiction between the two:

  • available means it exists and what's possible - super important because if you don't know it exists, it can't help you!
  • accessible means that it meets you where you are in terms of resources - also super important because can't access what is outside of your available resources (time, energy, knowledge, money, etc)

A chat with me is always no cost and always available to you, especially if you aren't sure what you need or what to do to get unstuck from the same patterns of intense emotions, stress, overwhelm, self-sabotage, and more.

A chat is also helpful if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Membership and other resouces that may help you achieve your healing, self-care, or self-improvement goals. We'll use the call (phone or Zoom) to discuss your needs and guide you toward what will help you meet your needs so you don't have to struggle through so much trial and error of figuring it out for yourself.

Here's the link to schedule a Chat: https://MClinardIntegrativeEnergetics.as.me/


If you would like to learn more about the healing process and what it means to heal, as well as receive support and information that helps you heal, I recommend becoming a Member of the Self-Healing Support Membership where you receive healing and coaching support for your body's natural healing systems, your self-care practices, and to guide you through your pain-triggers-trauma-emotions more comfortably so you can reclaim your health, life, and relationships.

To Become a Member, go here: https://www.michelleclinard.com/selfHealingSupportMembership


If you would like to learn how to Listen to Your Body: the Ultimate Self-Care and Healing Tool, you can learn how to identify and respond to your body and reassure your nervous system that it is safe to heal in my upcoming Masterclass and online Course (two separate learning opportunities).

To Join the Listen to Your Body Course Waitlist for updates and discounts, go here:  https://www.michelleclinard.com/joinus


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